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We all love to travel and discover new places. Coast-to-coast, show off some of the most famous landmarks, iconic buildings and views across the world. This global map presents well-known architectural buildings across continents. These landmarks include the Statue of Liberty in New Jersey, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, Elizabeth Tower or Big Ben in London, Himeji Castle in Japan and one of the most famous temples in China.

This template will be primarily useful for travel agencies. You can prepare a presentation showing the most popular routes among tourists. You can also provide brief information on each of the cities, indicating the main attractions. This template can be used when compiling a travel map. You can mark cities that you have already been to.

This template can also be used by aviation companies when preparing information for passengers. You can prepare to indicate how many flights and at what time the planes of your company will operate. Also, this template can be used by school teachers when preparing materials on regional studies. Such presentation of materials will be accepted with pleasure by children.

Business leaders can use this template when preparing information about opening new branches of the company in major cities around the world. You can also indicate the planned income for each of the branches. Human resources managers can use the slides in this template to familiarize new employees with the location of the company’s branch offices. Also, the slides of this template can be used when preparing for a quiz between company employees.

Marketers can use this template when preparing a marketing strategy. You can specify the countries in which you plan to sell the new product and the countries in which you already have a market share. Journalists can use the slides in this template when preparing their news. University professors can use the slides in this template to prepare courses on tourism business or economic geography.

This PowerPoint template has four different varieties of global maps for you to choose from. Each template has a widespread continental map, icons representing each regional landmark, call-outs for each region and color-coded pins. Ideal for tourism, travel and hospitality industries, this map incites interest in national symbols, famous attractions and gorgeous international landmarks. Well-organized, remarkable visual aesthetics, and simple illustrations – your audience won’t be able to take their eyes off of this presentation. If necessary, you can change the arrangement of infographics and text boxes according to your needs. This template will organically complement and update your old presentations. World Map Featured Locations template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.