Global Timeline

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Present your business growth and achievements with pride. This PowerPoint template presents a sequential order for business processes, development or strategic growth. Designed in a user-friendly format, this global timeline illustrates a business’ major achievements, events and strategic initiatives. It is a powerful tool to showcase history and forecast the future.

Business Timeline template is made in a modern style and has all the necessary tools to prepare a detailed story about the successful history of your company. The first slide consists of a horizontal timeline, text boxes at the bottom, and original icons. This slide presents you with an opportunity to share your company’s successful journey. You can tell your audience how your company was formed, about large projects, the history of entering new international markets. You can also use this slide to prepare a successful story about your new department head. What projects he has implemented throughout his career, in which companies and what positions he held before heading your company. The second slide consists of a globe and text boxes aligned clockwise. This slide immediately makes it clear to the audience that it will be about the company’s international achievements and entering the world markets. You can use this slide to prepare your international sales network development report. Also, this slide can be used by logistics and procurement managers when preparing their reports. You can indicate the main types of transportation from different countries and talk about the successful construction of a supply chain for raw materials and finished goods. The next slide consists of a vertical timeline and also uses the original infographic. You can use it when preparing for the discussion of the main terms of an international agreement with a client. This slide will be useful for team leaders, project managers, department heads. You can use it when preparing a report on a new product to market and its subsequent sales around the world. You can use the last slide to set weekly tasks for your employees. This slide will also be useful for research centers and scientific institutes. You can talk about your laboratory research in various fields of medicine, physics, chemistry, and others. You can also use this slide to describe the history of the successful completion of the project. For example, starting the construction of a new pipe production plant, releasing the first batch of products, selling them on the local market, and then entering international markets and taking a leading position in their industry. You can also inform your audience about your strategic plans for the next few years, identify specific projects that you plan to complete.

Available in four design variations, this PowerPoint template presents horizontal and vertical timelines. One slide also contains a globe graphic to show international business elements. The presentation includes annual milestones, illustrations, data visualizations and text descriptions.