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Each of us at least once in our life faced the need to send information about ourselves. Many of you have submitted your resume for an interesting and high-paying job. Some of you have presented your project or consulting services. In such documents, information should be presented in a concise and structured manner. An important place is occupied by the photograph of the applicant. The main problem is where to get a good template? How to attract the attention of the employer or potential audience of the course from the first seconds? Should the recipient not put your document on hold for later review? The first perception of a person about you on the other side of the monitor screen depends on this document. If the information is sent using the old template, then the person will not read your resume or sales letter. A modern and stylish resume will speak of you as someone who pays attention to detail and keeps track of the latest developments in technology. That is why it is worth paying special attention when preparing a document for sending information about yourself.

The About me template consists of 4 professional slides, each with distinctive resume building tools. You can enter information about your professional skills, work experience and achievements. Also, each slide contains a block for placing a photo and information about contact information. This slide can be used by candidates when submitting their resume for a vacant position. You can draw the employer’s attention to your candidacy from the first minute. You can also use this slide when introducing your course to a potential audience. 

A business coach for example can post a photo and briefly structure his achievements on the topic of the course. The different arrangement of blocks on the slides allows you to choose the best option for each specific situation. Human Resources managers can use these slides to prepare information about the best employee in the company or introduce a new department head. For example, you can use it when submitting information about a new department head, indicating his work experience and basic skills. Thus, it will be easier for a new employee to integrate into the team and quickly adapt to the new corporate environment.

The template is made in a modern style and gives you the opportunity to use all the necessary tools to prepare a professional business presentation. Fully customizable template giving you complete autonomy. You can easily change the font sizes, infographic color and block arrangement. About me template will be useful for aspiring people looking for a job, HR staff, business trainers and teachers, consultants and lawyers. This template will harmoniously complement and update your old presentations. This template is a must have in the collection of Team Leaders, Product Managers, and HR Leaders