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A self introduction explains who you are, what you do, and what others need to know about you. You should provide a self introduction any time you meet someone new and do not have a third party to introduce you. You may need to introduce yourself when looking for a job. In this case, you must, first of all, indicate your name, your specialty, professional skills, and work experience. You can also represent yourself when taking on a new position.

 Self Introduction template consists of four slides, each with its own unique design and tools for preparing a presentation about yourself. The first slide gives you the opportunity to post your photo and briefly describe yourself. You can also post contact information such as your residential address, phone number, email address. On the timeline, you can describe your experience with the companies listed. The slide will be useful to everyone who is looking for a job or wants to introduce himself to his clients before the meeting. The second slide provides an opportunity to indicate your education and work experience. You can also indicate your skills through a pie chart. The slide can be used by HR managers when preparing information about a successful employee. They can indicate an employee’s career path in the company and their strong skills. The next slide differs from the previous ones in the arrangement of blocks and the presence of a horizontal diagram. On this chart, you can indicate your skills as a percentage. There is also a field for contact information, education, and work experience. This slide can be used by business coaches and university professors in their courses. The last slide contains a lot of infographics and allows you to add information about your achievements in previous projects. This slide will also allow you to add information about hobbies and interests. This information will help the employer understand what your hobbies are in your free time. The slide can be useful when preparing information about the participants in the competitions that the company holds between its employees.

Self Introduction template is sure to help in your job search. The slide you sent will surely attract the attention of the HR manager and he will get to know your resume in more detail. HR managers can use this template when preparing information about employees who are retiring or transferred to other branches of the company. Also, this template can be useful when preparing a commercial proposal. You can specify the key specialists of your company working on the client’s project. Team leaders can use the slides to introduce new team members in advance. This will help each of the professionals understand the strengths and weaknesses of their partner. You can use ready-made slides or some individual elements to give a modern look to your old presentations. By using the Self Introduction template to build your presentation, your audience will immediately rate your work as a professional.