Fundraising Thermometer Template

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Product details

A fundraising thermometer is a very handy tool for visualizing a company’s financial goals. You can indicate the final financial result and show the intermediate result of the funds received. Startups and investment companies can use this tool when preparing financial report investors. Also, a fundraising thermometer can be used when raising funds for charity. Potential donors will be able to see how much funds have already been raised and how much more needs to be raised. Using a fundraising thermometer will enable donors to make a decision and raise the missing funds.

The first slide immediately grabs the audience’s attention with its non-standard thermometer position. On the scale, you can indicate the percentage of completion or the progress of the project. The slide can also be used to display the utilization of equipment or transport in a company. The slide will be useful for volunteers and charities when collecting donations. For example, this slide can be used to visualize fundraising for an operation for a sick child. The second slide provides an opportunity to compare the planned indicators with the actual results. This slide can be used by economists and financiers when preparing weekly reports. The next slide provides an opportunity to describe the goals of the project in more detail. Marketers can use this slide to analyze a shopper’s decision to buy a product. For example, you can use the percentage of the number of buyers who bought the product which looking at the last ad campaign. You can also use this template when displaying project progress information on a daily basis. The last slide contains six fields for describing the assets of receiving funds. On the left side of the slide, you can indicate the planned and actual value of the incoming funds. This slide will be useful in preparing sales information for a new product. For example, sales managers can indicate the sale of this product and the actual implementation of the plan. On the left side, describe the main advantages of the product or list the main sales markets. This template can also be used when displaying the balance of loan payments.

The fundraising thermometer template has a wide range of uses. The template will be useful for marketers, economists, sales managers, and production workers. For example, the template can be used for daily reporting product launches or new product sales. The template is designed in such a way that the user can independently customize it’s for various tasks. You can independently change the position of the blocks, the color of the main elements, the size of the blocks, and fonts. For example, you can customize the template to match your corporate colors. Template slides will complement your old presentations and make them modern. For example, you can add the slides of this template to your business plan presentation, 100-day plan template, or action plan template. Professionals from a variety of industries, trade, and services will appreciate the Fundraising thermometer template.