Creative Pricing Tables

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Many products have a single price, which can only change if there is a sale or some kind of marketing promotion. But what if your product has several possible prices, which depend on filling, terms of use or other factors? If the client does not want to take the complete set, then he can buy the product at the basic price. If you want to take a complete set, then your product category is an expert. For such products, price categories have been specially developed, which allow you to select a product only with those components that are necessary for the client. And what does this give the seller? The seller will always be able to sell his product at a higher or lower price and the client will not go to a competitor for a similar product, and, accordingly, the profit will remain with you.

Setting a new pricing strategy? Or maybe you’re revisiting current price points to meet customer demand? Tell customers everything there is to know about your product and service packages and pricing. This four-slide pricing proposal template is flexible, editable and keeps focus on your pricing strategy. It contains dynamic photography in the background. You can emphasize select packages over others, denote price points, names of packages, and services contained within each. To meet your brand aesthetic, you can customize photography, colors, text, icons and graphics.

The Creative Pricing Tables template will primarily be useful for sales managers when preparing product information for a potential client. For example, you can describe the main advantages of your product and prepare several options for the price of the product. Each price tier will include additional options. After receiving such an offer, the client will be able to choose the most suitable configuration for him, and you can try to convince him to switch to a more complete configuration at the next meeting.

Also, this template will be useful for software developers or website developers. You can describe in detail what additional options and for what price the client will receive. Also, the slides of this template can be used by marketers and advertising specialists when preparing a commercial proposal for an integrated product promotion through various marketing channels. This template will also be useful for business trainers. For example, you can prepare information about your new course and indicate the cost for the basic course and the full course, which will include homework checks, additional videos, and face-to-face communication with trainers for several hours.

Startup executives can use this template when preparing business plans to bring a new product to market. For example, you can describe the main categories of your product and the price for each category. You can then showcase the number of leads for each of the product categories, the expected profit, and the payback period.

This template can also be used by economists and financiers when preparing reports on projected profits. Creative Pricing Tables will be a worthy addition to your presentations and will take its rightful place in your collection of professional templates.