Social Media Timeline

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In today’s digital age, social media is an increasingly important part of our daily lives. It has revolutionized communications, to the extent that it is now our preferred medium of everyday communication. Before social media, if you wanted to keep up with the news, you had to walk down to the newsstand in the morning and buy a local edition reporting the events of the past week.

We live in a world with content-hungry audiences who have infinite amounts of content served to them everyday across multiple channels. In this social media savvy world, explain to your audiences the power of networking through a digital platform, particularly across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other channels.

First of all, this template will be useful to specialists in social networks. You can use this template when preparing promotional materials. For example, you can specify large projects that have been promoted through various social networks.

Marketers and advertisers can use the slides from this template when preparing an ad campaign and promoting products on social media. You can describe in detail which social networks and at what stage of the campaign you plan to use. You can also specify the amount of promotion costs for each type of social networks.

HR managers can use the slides of this template when introducing new employees into the corporate culture. For example, you can prepare information about the history of promoting your products or company on social networks. University professors can use this template to prepare their courses on the history of social networking or the history of large media companies.

Tell the rich history of social media marketing in a meaningful way. Well-organized, remarkable visual aesthetics, and simple illustrations – your audience won’t be able to take their eyes off of this presentation.  Available in four design variations, each slide includes logos for top social networking websites, a year-by-year timeline and descriptive text to offer a rationale or explanation for each platform. This template is ideal for social media planners, community managers, marketing professionals, advertisers and media planners. Map out your platform-by-platform posts, visuals and content, and emphasize engagement and metrics across each platform.

Social Media Timeline template has all the tools you need to build a modern and professional presentation. If necessary, you can independently change the color and size of the infographic, the type of font and the position of the blocks on the slide. This template will organically complement your presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.