Marketing Mix

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The marketing mix refers to the set of actions, or tactics, that a company uses to promote its brand or product in the market. The 4Ps make up a typical marketing mix – Price, Product, Promotion and Place. You just need to create a product that a particular group of people want, put it on sale some place that those same people visit regularly, and price it at a level which matches the value they feel they get out of it; and do all that at a time they want to buy. Then you have got it made. However, nowadays, the marketing mix increasingly includes several other Ps like Packaging, Positioning, People and even Politics as vital mix elements. There is a lot of truth in this idea. However, a lot of hard work needs to go into finding out what customers want, and identifying where they do their shopping. Then you need to figure out how to produce the item at a price that represents value to them, and get it all to come together at the critical time. But if you get just one element wrong, it can spell disaster. You could be left promoting a car with amazing fuel economy in a country where fuel is very cheap. The marketing mix is ​​a good place to start when you are thinking through your plans for a product or service, and it helps you to avoid these kinds of mistakes. All the elements of the marketing mix influence each other. They make up the business plan for a company and handled right, can give it great success. The marketing mix needs a lot of understanding, market research and consultation with several people, from users to trade to manufacturing and several others.

Marketing Mix template contains bright and modern slides. The first slide allows you to present your 4P marketing strategy. This slide will primarily be useful to marketers and advertising specialists. For example, you can describe in detail each 4P category – price, product, place, promotion. The next slide will be useful for university professors when preparing a marketing course. For example, you can describe in detail the strengths of each category and examples of their application in practice. The third slide adds two additional categories people, process. Startups can use this slide when preparing their strategy for promoting a new product. The last slide gives you the opportunity to highlight the percentage of your marketing plan met for each of the six categories. The slides of this template can be used by product managers when preparing a sales plan fulfillment report by product. This template will also be useful to salespeople when discussing strategies for promoting a product to new markets or when discussing working methods in different regions. Marketing Mix template will organically complement your old templates and take its rightful place in your collection.