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There are many different types of financial models. The main ones are the Three Statement Model Discounted Cash Flow Model, Merger Model, Initial Public Offering Model, Sum of the Parts Model, Consolidation Model, Budget Model, Forecasting Model. Each of these models is used to solve specific financial problems. The Three Statement Model includes three statements – income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. The Discounted Cash Flow Model is based on the previous model for valuing a company based on its NPV. Investment bankers and corporate development professionals also build IPO models. Forecasting Model is also used in financial planning and analysis to build a forecast that compares to the budget model. The Financial Model Template is primarily designed for financiers. Template will also be useful to heads of departments in budgeting.

The first slide presents graphs and tables showing sales performance data. The table breaks down costs by category and presents the company’s revenues. This slide can be used when submitting weekly or monthly sales or purchasing reports. A detailed report on the company’s income by month is presented on the second slide. Horizontal charts are great for showing the dynamics of income. Planners will appreciate this slide. They will also be able to present their forecasts for the receipt of income in the company. All cash flows of the company are displayed in accounting. It is divided into equity capital, liquid funds, payables, and other items of income and expenses, forming the balance sheet. These are well illustrated in the third slide. The audience easily perceives the movement of cash flows and their distribution by accounting categories. The income statement is also presented here in detail, which includes sales revenue, profit before tax, cost of sales, EBIT. The ability to describe parameters and characteristics in detail will be useful in other presentations as well. For example, you can use this slide when calculating the cost of production or analyzing factors that influence a customer’s decision to buy an item. You can easily edit this slide to suit your needs. The last slide provides an opportunity to take stock. Here you can give an opinion on the financial performance of the company and describe the measures to improve these indicators. You can use this slide when discussing key goals with your team during the weekly sprint.

A large number of graphs and tables will definitely be useful for financiers and financial analysts, marketers, planners, and investors. Beautiful infographics and stylish fonts convey information to the audience perfectly. This presentation can be used to build any financial models that were described in the beginning. The template perfectly represents the results of the company’s financial activities and can be used in different sectors of the economy. In this template, you can edit the size of graphs, tables, icons, and other content according to your needs. You can also change the color to make it perfect for your corporate color scheme. Build your financial model with the Financial Model Template.