Currency Symbols

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A currency symbol is a graphical representation substituted for the name of a currency. The symbol is usually, but not always, unique to a specific country or region. These shorthand currency identifiers, which the International Organization For Standardization (ISO) maintains, often appear instead of formal currency names in international and domestic markets. A currency symbol next to a number shows the number is a monetary amount. Many of the symbols for the most frequently written and traded currencies have symbols with a basis on the Roman alphabet. The use of slashes and crossbars helps to differentiate letters from currency symbols. Currencies that have their own symbol give the impression of being more stable and having a higher status. Some currencies, such as the U.S. dollar (USD = $) and the British pound sterling (GBP = £) have become instantly recognizable around the world by their currency symbol. When looking up a currency quote, currency codes are typically used instead of symbols. This is because each currency has its own currency code, but not every currency has its own currency symbol. As discussed above, multiple countries use the $ symbol. Currency prices are always quoted in pairs – the value of one currency relative to another – and they use currency codes. For example, the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Canadian dollar is represented by USD / CAD. If the rate is 1.35, it costs $ 1.35 Canadian to buy US $ 1. Using currency symbols in your presentation allows you to present your financial statements in a more stylish way.

Currency Symbols template consists of four slides, each with stylish infographics. The first slide gives you the opportunity to present all types of currencies that you work with. The audience will immediately understand which countries or in which region you carry out your business. This slide will be useful for international companies. The next slide gives you the opportunity to give a short description of the three currencies. You can use this slide when making forecasts and preparing investment strategies for different countries. The third slide gives you the opportunity to present your e-currency data. This slide will be useful for investment companies and specialists in the field of electronic currencies. The last slide gives you the opportunity to display cross rates of various international currencies. This slide will be useful for banking professionals. For example, you can use this slide to send cross-rate information to your large international clients. Also, this template can be used by business coaches and university teachers when preparing their courses on international currencies and export-import operations. CEOs of international companies can use this template when preparing sales reports for different countries. You can change the size, position, and colour of the infographic according to your requirements. Currency Symbols template will organically complement your professional business and financial presentations.