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Many of us wondered how best to convey information to the audience? In what format should the content be submitted to interest the audience from the first minutes? One of the methods of presenting information is the comparison method. Our brains are designed so that we remember visual information better. It is easier for people to remember information with comparative perception. In this case, the effect of opposites is triggered – bad-good, small-big, cheap-expensive, beautiful-ugly, profitable-unprofitable. One type of comparison method is the before and after approach. You can compare a firm’s economic performance at the beginning and end of the year. This allows you to understand whether the company’s management is working in the right direction. This approach helps shareholders better comprehend complex financial information. This approach has also worked well for teaching children. You can use our professional template to prepare your presentations that include data comparison.

The first slide of this template is a comparison of telephones. On the left is a 1985 phone with a standard feature set for that time. The right side of the slide shows a modern smartphone that contains all the latest developments in the field of mobile products. The background of the left side of the screen with the old phone was not chosen by chance. People often associate red with anxiety and danger. Therefore, they will initially perceive the information against this background as negative. This slide can be used when comparing products to show the customer additional options for the new model. You can also use this slide when comparing your product and a competitor’s product. The next slide allows you to present you with a list of the company’s goals for previous years and the company’s development plan for the next year. This slide will be useful for company executives when preparing a report for shareholders on new product launches. The last slide provides a comparative analysis of analog and digital technologies. You can easily change the name of the fields and prepare this slide for your needs. For example, you can compare buying household appliances from a brick-and-mortar store and buying household appliances from an online store. Also, this slide can be used when preparing an advertising campaign. For example, you can compare two packages of services provided by your company.

The Before and After template will primarily be useful for advertising and social media professionals. All elements of the template are easily customizable in size and color. You can easily combine template slides with other slides in your presentations. The template slides can be used by business trainers when preparing their courses. Also, the slides will be useful for crisis managers when preparing a strategy for the company’s exit from losses. The Before and After template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.