Business Impact Analysis

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Be in the know and evaluate the potential effects of a disruption to critical business operation with Business Impact Analysis.  Business Impact Analysis predict how any disruption in an organization’s business would impact its workflow. 

During Business Impact Analysis, all the essential components of a firm are carefully examined and unwanted vulnerabilities are identified. A strategy to minimize disruption is then formulated from the provided information and risk assessment result. The Business Impact Analysis template helps you give a comprehensive presentation on Business Impact Analysis.

The first slide houses a dashboard that gives information about the scope and impact of a disruption and what next steps to take. The presenter can use the dashboard in the second slide to talk about the recovery plans and risk management. The business continuity plan takes the stage in the third slide.  Here, you can highlight how employees, premises, processes, and vendors are protected and able to quickly function in the event of a disaster. The risk assessment infographic in the fourth slide lets you identify all the risks that have the potential to impact your organization’s operations.

The template’s text and colors are 100% editable and can be modified to suit your preference. Ideal for use by business analysts, corporate strategists, subject matter experts, consultants, and business professionals.