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Pros and Cons is the most commonly used yet most effective marketing and information tool. The concept helps people to understand the benefits and drawbacks of a new product or a service in a much effective, faster pace. Kind of like comparison. Ultimately enabling them to understand the limits of new service or invention better. Thus, this Pros and Cons Template helps you graphically portray the advantages and disadvantages of products in front of your audience. It can be used for academic purposes, it can be utilized in business filed, it has applications in development fields, it’s a perfect way to introduce new technology into the market, it does pretty much everything. Even the template can help in comparisons between two products, services or qualities.

The first slide allows you to prepare information about the positive and negative aspects of the project. You can use this slide to describe the company’s new strategy. For example, on the one hand, you can indicate the positive aspects of your strategy, such as increasing the return on invested capital, increasing market share in the long term, taking a leading position in the near future. On the other hand, list the negative factors such as an increase in staff and labor costs, the need to purchase new equipment, additional costs for an advertising campaign. You can also use this slide when evaluating suppliers. For example, a purchasing manager will be able to prepare an analysis of suppliers for various groups of goods and display on this slide the advantages or disadvantages for each of them. The second slide is designed as a road sign. The audience immediately understands that this is about comparing the positive and negative sides. For example, you can specify characteristics of your product that consumers like and characteristics that do not suit them. This slide can be used by marketers to prepare an analysis of the various advertising channels for your product. For example, you can point out the pros and cons of reaching your target audience through social media. The next slide will be useful for startups and investment companies. You can point out on this slide the benefits of your project and the consumer problems it can solve. This slide can also be used by development managers to prepare their weekly reports. The last slide presents you with ample opportunities for analyzing various data. You can show the relationship between the positive and negative sides of the project. For example, the company’s financiers can use this slide to prepare an analysis of the use of company cash or borrowed funds and their investment in high-yield projects. Also, the slide can be used when preparing a report on the results of work on the project. You can compare project executions for two teams and determine the reasons why some of the similar work for one team was completed faster.

Consisting of 4 slides, the template offers quite a number of options for portraying pros and cons. You can opt for animated slides, percentage comparison slides and even simply write pros and cons side by side. The distinction of this Powerpoint lies in its simplicity. The use of soft colors and doodle art further adds to its detail. The template remains completely customizable so that you can easily modify it according to your requirement.