Critical Path Template

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The importance of critical path analysis in many industries and businesses is well-known. It is used in the planning process to map out the time frame for an event. It is also used to calculate the effect of delay on the progress and projection of the event. If you are project manager or development expert with the responsibility of preparing and presenting of the critical path analysis for an event, this critical path template is your best bet.

Each slide in the critical path template shows the sequence of activities of the event, from start to finish. This arrangement of activities is accompanied by the boxes to insert necessary texts and information. While the first slide of the template indicates the date and time for each activity, the succeeding two slides show all the possible connections between each activity. The last slides of the template then allow you to report the critical path and essential activities that must not be delayed in the event.

The structure and organization of information on the slides in the critical path template, coupled with the arrangement of the slides itself makes this template ideal for presenting the critical path of an event. The colors and graphical content used in the creation of the critical path template makes it simple to use and gives it a professional tone. Using this template guarantees effective communication to your targeted audience.