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If you are getting into process management, the as-is and to-be process states are a must-know. Before you can make any adjustments to a process, you should have a clear idea of ​​how it operates now, as well as what it will look like after you make any changes to it. The as-is state of a process is the “now” state. It is how the process operates before you make any changes or improvements. The to-be process, on the other hand, is the future state. To actually make your process improvement initiative work, you need to document and map both states. The “as-is” allows you to get an accurate view of how the process works. Unless you are someone personally responsible for working with that specific process, this part is essential for understanding how to make any sort of improvements. Once you already know how the process is, you can analyse it and propose certain improvements. At that point, you need to document the to-be state. Ideally, you would want to consult with employees who play different roles within the process. Once you have got all the information on the process, you can start mapping it. The most straightforward way to do that is with a process flowchart. Simply draw the different steps within the process, and you are all set. You need to analyse the as-is process and find any inefficiencies and flaws, some of which can be a bit hard to spot. Once you are done with the analysis, you should have several different ideas on how to improve the process. At that point, you can start creating the to-be process map. Then you create a flowchart that is just about the same as the as-is process, with any adjustments you made present. Implementing the to-be process state is not exactly the end of your work. You need to make sure that the changes you have made are actually beneficial for the company. To do this, you need to make sure that the new metrics from post-implementation hold up to the old. The simplest way to do this is by employing workflow management software.

As-Is To-Be Template contains four professional slides that are rendered in a vibrant colour scheme. This template will be useful for analysing existing business processes and their subsequent improvement. Sales managers can use this template when analysing existing sales and preparing a future sales plan. You can specify the processes that need to be changed to fulfil the new sales plan. This template can also be used by software developers. For example, you can define existing customer workflows and offer software that can automate some of them and reduce human error. This template will also be useful for company directors when preparing a company’s development strategy. Startups and investment companies can use this template when presenting their invention or service to investors.