Business Cycle Diagram

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A business cycle, sometimes called a “trade cycle” or “economic cycle,” refers to a series of stages in the economy as it expands and contracts. Constantly repeating, it is primarily measured by the rise and fall of gross domestic product in a country.

Business cycles are universal to all nations that have capitalistic economies. All such economies will experience these natural periods of growth and declines, though not all at the same time. However, given the increased globalization, business cycles tend to happen at similar times across countries more often than they did before.

Understanding the different phases of a business cycle can help individuals make lifestyle decisions, investors make financial decisions, and governments make appropriate policy decisions.

During an expansion, businesses and companies are steadily growing their production and profits, unemployment remains low, and the stock market is performing well. Consumers are buying and investing, and with this increasing demand for goods and services, prices begin to rise too.

Once these numbers start to increase outside of their traditional bands, though, then the economy is considered to be growing out of control. Companies may be expanding recklessly. Investors are overconfident, buying up assets and significantly increasing their prices, which are not supported by their underlying value. Everything is starting to cost too much.

This business cycle diagram is the best companion for your foolproof strategic planning, effective project summaries and proposal presentations in the corporate meetings. The template of 4 slides remains entirely revisable. So that you can draft it according to your need.

This template will be primarily useful for investment companies when preparing an analysis of business activity in the market. Also, the slides of this template can be used by university teachers and business coaches when preparing their courses on investment and business process management.

Startup executives can use this template in preparation for their investor meeting. Business leaders can use this template when preparing their company development strategy. Economists and financiers can use these slides to prepare an analysis of the business processes that take place in a company.

The first slide consists of a 5-part business cycle in a circular yet tricky manner. With a designated place and specific color for every part, it’s the best fit for the quick representation of a trade cycle. The second slide is more of a business loop. With 5 circles, four forming the concept of the loop and the fifth present in the middle for writing the core idea of the project. It’s more of a deal-breaking template. With a doodle and description box at the left for research and development phases and at the right for binding the contract with your client. The third and fourth slides are a circular business cycle consisting of 5 and 6 distinguishable parts respectively. Best recommended for use in handling and preparing internal tasks of a company, this template enables your customers, employees and even clients to have a better view of your business perspective with individual space for the explanation of every development phase present in the loop.