Business Cycle Diagram

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4 Slides
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Product details

This business cycle diagram is the best companion for your foolproof strategic planning, effective project summaries and proposal presentations in the corporate meetings. The template of 4 slides remains entirely revisable. So that you can draft it according to your need. 

The first slide consists of a 5-part business cycle in a circular yet tricky manner. With a designated place and specific color for every part, it’s the best fit for the quick representation of a trade cycle. The second slide is more of a business loop. With 5 circles, four forming the concept of the loop and the fifth present in the middle for writing the core idea of the project. It’s more of a deal-breaking template. With a doodle and description box at the left for research and development phases and at the right for binding the contract with your client. The third and fourth slides are a circular business cycle consisting of 5 and 6 distinguishable parts respectively. Best recommended for use in handling and preparing internal tasks of a company, this template enables your customers, employees and even clients to have a better view of your business perspective with individual space for the explanation of every development phase present in the loop.