Supply Chain Diagram

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A supply chain is comprised of all the businesses and individual contributors involved in creating a product, from raw materials to finished merchandise. Examples of supply chain activities include farming, refining, design, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation. Because global supply chains are both logistically and technologically complicated, there are now global supply chain management specialists and firms who oversee the process for many different retail companies. As consuming trends increasingly move towards digital purchases shipped from a central warehouse facility directly to the consumer, the largest retail companies are going to be increasingly involved with supply chain management and logistics.

The Supply Chain Diagram template consists of four slides that contain a lot of infographics. The first slide gives you the opportunity to imagine two types of the supply chain – supplier chain and customer chain. This slide gives you the opportunity to visualize the supply of raw materials from procurement and delivery to the warehouse in the port to customs clearance and delivery to a specific buyer. You can easily change the color of the infographic and main blocks to combine this slide with your other slides. The slide can be used by logistics managers to prepare a presentation on the delivery of goods to a client. The second slide gives you the opportunity to represent your supply chain from supplier to end customer, but at the same time display the main delivery processes in a pie chart. Thus, the transport company can show which stages belong to its area of ​​responsibility. The next slide allows you to highlight the main groups of processes – people, process, technology. For each of the groups, you can describe the stages of work. The slide can be used by team leaders in preparing information about the processes that affect the final result and the competencies that are required for each of these processes. The last slide is presented in the form of an infinity sign – this symbolizes the continuity and constant improvement of processes. You can describe up to eight stages and place them in order of priority on the infinity sign. The slide can be used by business coaches in their personal self-improvement programs. Also, this slide can be used to describe sequential actions. For example, when cleaning an air conditioner or assembling a cabinet.

The Supply Chain Diagram template contains all the tools you need to prepare a professional presentation. This template will be useful to all specialists who are associated with the process of supplying raw materials or goods to the end consumer. For example, a delivery service might use this template when preparing their sales pitch. University professors can use this template when preparing lectures on logistics or specifically on the topic of the supply chain in the international economy. You can change the font size and color, infographic size, or block arrangement depending on your needs. Supply Chain Diagram template will take its rightful place in your collection of modern and professional templates.