Kano Model Template

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Stay on top of the competition through customer satisfaction and you analyse your customers’ needs with our Kano Model Template. The Six Sigma Kano Model of customer satisfaction classified product attributes based on how they are perceived by customers and their effect on customer satisfaction. The model divides attributes into 4 categories: threshold, performance, excitement, and indifferent.

The model is widely used in research and development. It cuts across all industries, from IT and healthcare to manufacturing and automobile, etc… Introduce Kano model of customer satisfaction to your audiences and familiarize them with the concept using this ready-to-use, 100% editable Kano model template. You can change color, text and scale icons to meet user requirements.

The slides feature Cartesian graphs you can use to graphically illustrate the Kano model of customer satisfaction. Use this Kano model PowerPoint Presentation template to draft an educational document for your audience and impress them all the way, from start to finish. Widely used by subject matter experts,  business analysts, projector managers, educationists, etc.