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When running a business, it is important to make sure you have enough employees working at any given time to meet both your needs and those of your customers. At the same time, having too many employees on the clock results in wasted money and people being idle on company time. This is where a staffing model comes into play. It helps you to determine the ideal number of employees to be working at any given time to keep things moving without giving your workers too little to do. By building a model for your staffing needs, you will have an easy reference as schedules change in the future. You may hear some people use the terms staffing plan and staffing model interchangeably. While both serve a similar function, there are some differences between staffing plans and staffing models that you should be aware of. A staffing plan is an actionable plan by which your company can ensure that it has enough employees to meet its needs and that those employees are properly trained and have the resources needed to perform their jobs. A staffing model, on the other hand, is a guideline by which you can determine the staffing needs of your company. While staffing models may take some of the same factors into account as a staffing plan, the model does not rely as much on specifics because it is intended to be applicable at any time and not just in the current situation. A staffing model is the framework that you will use to create a staffing plan. There are a few different ways that you can develop a staffing model, and some industries have specific model designs that they rely on because of the specific needs of the work that they do. You should also develop projections based on growth or shrinkage rates and future expansion plans, using a multi-year view of growth or shrinkage to determine an average growth rate for your projections. A staffing model is not a static document that you can create and then use indefinitely. By updating your staffing model on a regular basis, you can help ensure that your company is never left understaffed for long.

Staffing Model Template is a modern and professional presentation template. The slides of this template are primarily useful for HR managers. You will be able to prepare your Staffing Model using various modern template tools. For example, you can visually display your staffing needs for each department in the company. Also, this template will be useful when preparing for the opening of a new branch of the company. You can use the slides when discussing with other departments the required number of staff for the normal operation of the branch. The Staffing Model template will be useful for company executives and startups when preparing a company’s development plan. You can add not only monetary resources, equipment, but also the need for human resources. If necessary, you can edit the template according to your corporate requirements.