Kotter’s Change Model

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There are many theories about how to do change. Many originate with leadership and change management guru, John Kotter. A professor at Harvard Business School and world-renowned change expert, Kotter introduced his eight-step change process in 1995. Developing a sense of urgency around the need for change.

This may help you spark the initial motivation to get things moving. This isn’t simply a matter of showing people poor sales statistics or talking about increased competition. Open an honest and convincing dialogue about what’s happening in the marketplace and with your competition. Kotter suggests that for change to be successful, 75% of a company’s management needs to buy into the change, which can also be beautifully illustrated in our popular theory of change template.

A clear vision can help everyone understand why you’re asking them to do something. When people see for themselves what you’re trying to achieve, then the directives they’re given tend to make more sense. Apply your vision to all aspects of operations – from training to performance reviews. Put in place the structure for change, and continually check for barriers to it. Removing obstacles can empower the people you need to execute your vision, and it can help the change move forward. Create short-term targets – not just one long-term goal.

Thoroughly analyze the potential pros and cons of your targets. If you don’t succeed with an early goal, it can hurt your entire change initiative. Reward the people who help you meet the targets. Kotter argues that many change projects fail because victory is declared too early. Real change runs deep. Quick wins are only the beginning of what needs to be done to achieve long-term change. After every win, analyze what went right, and what needs improving.

Set goals to continue building on the momentum you’ve achieved. Learn about kaizen, the idea of ​​continuous improvement. Keep ideas fresh by bringing in new change agents and leaders for your change coalition. Make continuous efforts to ensure that the change is seen in every aspect of your organization. This will help give that change a solid place in your organization’s culture. Create plans to replace key leaders of change as they move on. This will help ensure that their legacy is not lost or forgotten.

Kotter’s Change Model template is made in bright colors and consists of four professional slides. Each of the slides in the template allows you to present Kotter’s Change Model according to your corporate requirements.

This template will be useful for department heads who are just starting a new role. You can prepare your changes for department work using this template. For example, you might present a detailed plan for changing your sales strategy or changing your purchasing and supplier evaluation system. This slide will also be useful for crisis managers when preparing a company’s development plan. Also, startups can use this template when preparing a business strategy for project development. Kotter’s Change Model template will be a worthy addition to your presentation collection.