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When starting a trip or preparing to move, you should always have a plan. when building a new project, companies need the same kind of preparation to map out project requirements and components for successful results. Procurement planning is the process of deciding what to buy, when and from what source. During the procurement planning process the procurement method is assigned and the expectations for fulfillment of procurement requirements determined. This plan lists all the requirements that will be met within a certain period of time. The first step in creating a procurement management plan is to ensure that all parties involved in the process, understand the responsibilities and scope of their work. Important roles defined in the procurement management plan include project managers, corporate executives, and contract managers. Additionally, a procurement management plan defines the boundaries of each of these roles to minimize overlap of responsibilities. Based on the procurement plan, a procurement schedule is drawn up. You determine the timing of each stage of procurement. Based on this data, you can prepare the necessary personnel and additional resources from the outside in advance. You may need additional transport or increased storage space. With a procurement plan, you can easily control the timing and volume of deliveries. In case of deviation from the plan, you can always make adjustments on time. Also, the procurement plan allows you to assess potential risks and develop solutions. A good procurement plan has the power to save money and time while increasing organizational compliance.

The first slides of the presentation are presented in the form of two pyramids. The first slide contains general information about the plan – price, total cost, demand management, value management. The second slide of the template contains additional blocks such as Review and monitor progress, Supply expert, team leader, project manager, Trusted business advisor and change agent. Slides can be used by purchasing managers in their daily work. Also, this template will be useful for logistics managers. Department leaders can use these slides to build department goals for the short and long term. The third slide of the template consists of four main blocks: procurement formalization, procurement implementation, procurement evaluation, procurement planning. All of these blocks are enclosed in a pie chart. You can use this slide when building a cross-department communication model. It can also be used when preparing a logistics supply chain. The last slide is presented as a roadmap. On this slide, you can easily determine the sequence of processes to achieve your goals. You can also indicate possible risks and ways to solve them. This slide will be useful for startup managers and investment company specialists. Also, this slide can be used by company leaders when preparing a long-term plan for the development of the company.

You can easily change the font sizes, infographic color and block layout. Procurement plan template will harmoniously complement and update your old presentations. This template will be useful for planning and purchasing specialists, logistics managers and investment companies. Also, the slides of the template can be used by business trainers when preparing courses on procurement management.