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Need to celebrate the achievements of your team or the best employee? Have you hosted a sporting event between departments in your company and need a presentation report? For such purposes, we have prepared our template for the winners. We bring to your attention our Trophy Template.

The first slide immediately attracts our attention with the pedestal and the cups placed on them. Here you can specify the name of the employee, his position, and department. Alternatively, you can simply specify the best sales manager or the best accountant. The second slide also uses three cups and provides an opportunity to indicate three winners. The next two slides are more personalized. They will help you identify your best employee and describe their main achievements in the project. It is possible to mark the achievements of a certain team that successfully completed the project ahead of schedule. This template will help improve your corporate culture and promote team building.

Large-sized images will look great with frames on an employee’s desk. This will greatly motivate employees and each of them will strive to receive such an award. Slides can be incorporated into other work of yours that represents success and teamwork on a project. This template will be useful for managers of all levels and especially for the HR department. The template is easy to use and will not cause any difficulties even for a beginner. Trophy Template will help you to raise the corporate spirit and motivate your team for new achievements.