HelpDesk Transition Plan

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Have you considered the impact your IT helpdesk has on the business you support? The IT Helpdesk is much more than answering the phone and helping users solve their IT problems. Helpdesk has a direct impact on running the business, providing quality customer services and ensuring business profitability. 

IT Helpdesk Organization represents the managers, staff, functions and supporting groups that comprise the IT helpdesk organization. Enablers are tangible and intangible components needed to operate the IT helpdesk. This includes technology, tools, communication channels and analytics. Other important enablers are the required competencies of the individual staff working at the helpdesk and the group’s combined capabilities. 

When you and your customers communicate and understand what your service offers are, it easier for you to keep them satisfied because you have set the right expectations for your services. 

Your mission statement is your declaration of purpose and values. This will set the direction of the group on how to interact with customers. It governs every interaction that deals with a call, request or problem. Putting together a mission statement must be a collaborative process. Let key members of the helpdesk and internal stakeholders participate in putting together a mission statement. 

To have an effective helpdesk organization, there needs to be clearly defined roles and an effective way of performing them. The major competencies and roles within helpdesk are stakeholders, problem solver or experts, data analyst, communicator, and the customer service liaison.

Your service offer should be tied up with your mission, customer need, budget and internal capabilities. Focus on providing services that give the best value to the business. Eliminate non-value creating services from your portfolio. If you provide too many services on a broad range of domains, you are setting your helpdesk group up for failure. Avoid situations where your resources are thinly spread and customers with important needs are forced to wait while you attend to a service that does not create value.

The slides from this template will primarily be useful to support professionals. You describe in detail the transition plan, mission, customer service algorithms with your customer support team. This template can also be used by team leaders in preparation for their weekly sprints with their team members. You can use the slides when creating a customer support application in a customer’s online store.

This template can also be used by department heads when describing customer service processes in stores. Business leaders can use this template when preparing for a strategic session with company owners. You can use the slides to prepare your company’s customer service strategy.

Helpdesk Transition Plan Template consists of four modern and professional ones. You can change the arrangement of blocks and infographics yourself, as well as customize the color scheme according to your corporate requirements. Helpdesk Transition Plan Template is a must-have for dentists. The slides in this template will organically complement and update your old medical presentations.