Needs Assessment

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A needs assessment is a process used by organizations to determine priorities, make organizational improvements, or allocate resources. It involves determining the needs, or gaps, between where the organization envisions itself in the future and the organization’s current state. You then develop a plan of action to address the needs (or closing the gaps) to bring the organization closer to its desired future state. The main steps in a need’s assessment are exploration and identification, data gathering and analysis, utilization, evaluation. A needs assessment is a mandatory step for every company. You can evaluate not only the company as a whole but also individual projects or achievements of outstanding employees. This process is very important when calculating the cost of a product or launching a new product on the market.

The Needs Assessment template provides you with all the tools you need to prepare your presentation to analyze your company’s needs. The first slide invites you to build your needs in the short and long term. On this slide, you can also briefly indicate your program of action for this period. You can use this slide when comparing the two strategies. For example, a new leader can provide his company’s development plan, indicating the main changes. You can easily change the duration of the period and the background color yourself. The second slide presents a comparison of expenses and income. Here you can present your planned actions to reduce costs and increase profits. Also, this slide can be used when analyzing an advertising campaign. For example, you can show a decrease in total ad impressions versus closed deals. Economists can also use this slide to design cost-saving interventions. The next slide is more versatile and can be used with any of our other templates. Here you can indicate the main advantages of your product, the sources of attracting investments or the goals of the company. The last slide gives you the opportunity to describe and analyze the core skills, capabilities, development and goals of the company. This slide can also be used to build the so-called Eisenhower Matrix, which divides your affairs into urgent important, non-urgent important, urgent unimportant, and non-urgent unimportant. This method will help you improve your time management skills.

Needs Assessment template will make your presentation modern and professional. Project managers, product managers, startups, marketers will appreciate the possibilities of this template. By combining slides from different presentations, you will always have a new set of slides. The ability to quickly and easily edit our templates will allow you to prepare a stylish and professional presentation in a short time. For example, you can use these slides in the Project Management Timeline or Sprint Burndown Chart. This template will also be irreplaceable when preparing the company’s strategic program for a long period. The Needs Assessment template will be your favorite tool when building an analysis of various company needs, including an analysis of raw material needs and labor needs.