Push vs Pull Strategy

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Push and pull marketing are the two core principles for guiding your marketing strategy. Before choosing which of the marketing strategies to go for, you have to identify what the long-term and short-term goals of your business are. This will guide you in choosing whether to use the push marketing strategy or the pull marketing strategy.

In simple terms, pull marketing involves putting in place and implementing strategies that automatically draw consumer interest to your products and services, while push marketing means pushing your brand in front of your potential customer or making it available to the general audience.

Push marketing is a form of a promotional strategy whereby business owners and brands try to take their products and services directly to the customer. Push marketing involves all the tactics that a seller deploys in pushing their goods and services to the potential consumer. With this strategy, you as the seller create awareness for your brand and, at the same time, place the product directly in front of the buyer. Push notification can be used to get your product across to the buyers.

Business organizations use the push marketing strategy whenever they want to launch a new product, or when they want to stand out and get special patronage in a crowded market, they can use the push notification feature.

Pull marketing is a marketing tactic whereby you get the customers to come and patronize your products and services. Pull marketing ensures that some conditions are put in place to ensure that customers come looking for your brand. 

Pull marketing tactics include advertising, mass media promotion, sales promotion and verbal referrals. Pull marketing is focused on a long-term consumer-manufacturer relationship; it attempts to create brand loyalty and ensure customers keep patronizing the brand. Pull marketing requires a lot of advertising to create enough awareness and get potential customers interested in your products and services.

This template will primarily be useful to marketers when preparing a company’s marketing strategy. You can prepare information about the benefits of using Push or Pull Strategy specifically for your new product.

Advertisers can also use this template’s slides. You can prepare a forecast of the results of an advertising campaign for a new product using various strategies.

Business leaders can use the slides from this template when preparing their company strategy. Logisticians can use the slides in this template when preparing information about the business models of product manufacturing.

University professors can use the slides from this template to prepare a course on types of marketing strategies or product promotion techniques.

Push Vs Pull Strategy is a professional and modern template that contains four stylish and fully editable slides. You can independently change the type and size of the font, color and position of the infographic. This template will be useful for marketers, advertisers, startups and business executives. The Push Vs Pull Strategy template will complement your old presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.