Recruitment Strategy

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Set yourself apart from the competition. Secure quality talent for your organization with an end-to-end recruitment strategy that sources candidates from strategic businesses, markets, schools and regions. A solid recruitment strategy template includes: a recruitment budget, the goals of your business and a strategy of achieving them and personas for ideal candidates. You can find all this and more in this flexible PowerPoint template. This template bundle also pairs up well with our premium Recruitment Plan template which is great for illustrating how you will execute your recruitment strategy.

The first slide is a kind of ladder that allows you to use it when describing several stages of your Recruitment Strategy. You can identify the key factors for each stage and also indicate the percentage of cost savings in the implementation of your strategy. The second slide gives you the opportunity to describe the strategy for selecting employees from the internal reserves of the company and when searching for employees on the side. You will be able to point out the advantages and disadvantages of each type of hiring. On the right side of the slide, you have the option to present your calculations and display the data in a chart. The next slide gives you the opportunity to describe the main steps in finding an employee – an analysis of the work performed, a description of the job description, finding employees, and others. The next slide will help you outline the main challenges your hiring strategy will address. For example, you can point to a decrease in scrap rates by hiring more professional employees, a decrease in the search time for a vacant position by creating a talent pool, or by analyzing salary levels in other companies so that employees do not go to competitors. Another slide of this template allows you to describe the ideal candidate. This slide will be useful when discussing the requirements for a candidate from a department head who will submit a request to the HR department to find an employee. Also, this slide will be useful for team leaders who can form their own requirements for each participant in the development of the process. This will allow in the future to correctly define the roles for each employee and successfully complete the project. Another slide will help you educate your audience about the benefits of e-recruiting and connecting to a single candidate database. You can prepare statistics on the time of closing a position now and prepare the estimated search time through the electronic system, which significantly reduces the time of searching for an employee and equipment downtime.

Ideal for employer brand teams, recruiters, chief human resource officers, people officers and talent officers, this template includes sections for internal recruitment and external recruitment. It also offers a phased approach to the candidate journey, from job analysis to job descriptions, marketing, talent selection and induction. All text, colors and graphs are 100% editable and customizable. Present with confidence to executive teams, employees, staffing agencies and recruiters.