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Strategy canvas (also known as Value Canvas, or Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas) is a strategic tool that allows us to know the proposals offered by a certain market analysing all the companies present, compared to the proposed value that our company will offer with its new product. All represented in a single chart which allows us to understand at a glance to know and appreciate the differences between the strategic profile of the market and the strategic profile of our new proposal. The strategy canvas is a simple but very powerful visualization methodology which efforts are focused on how to snatch and defeat competitors present in the market. Blue Ocean represents new and unknown markets for companies, in which the absence of competitors ensures a new growing demand and exclusive leadership over these new markets. Whereas, Red Ocean represents all the companies that compete within the same sector in which the efforts and strategies are based on how to beat the competition to win customers within a fixed and exploited demand. A strategy canvas is a line graph that plots factors against importance for a company and then overlays the competitors or product alternatives, helping us to formulate a competitive strategy. It is also used to show how a company can change its focus to separate itself from the competition. The strategy canvas is a basic line chart with the competing factors along the x-axis and the offering level along the y-axis. Horizontal Axis – We indicate the attributes or typical characteristics of the market as well as new attributes of our new value proposition. Vertical axis – We indicate the level at which each of the attributes located on the horizontal axis is offered, a high-level means that the attribute is important within our proposal for clients and therefore we will invest more effort in developing it. The strategy canvas helps you understand the strategy of the industry players. By visually plotting the strategies of the industry and your own, it makes it easier to understand your own strategy.

The Strategy Canvas template contains four slides that contain a large number of graphs. The first slide provides you with an opportunity to describe the problems and solutions, value propositions and key metrics, revenue streams and customer segments for your strategy. This slide will be useful for development managers and commercial directors when developing strategies for entering new markets or increasing the share of sales in existing ones. The slides in this template also give you the ability to present analysis according to your competitors’ key metrics. The slides from this template can be used by company directors in preparation for a strategic shareholder session. Also, this template will be useful for startups when preparing to present their strategy to potential investors. Crisis managers can also use these slides when preparing their strategy for getting the company out of the crisis. University professors can use the slides in this template to prepare courses in strategic planning or competitive landscape analysis.