Sales Targets

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Setting up sales targets, establishing growth goals, and identifying market potentials – the basic foundation of revenue generation for a company. Sales Targets also helps companies to predict their annual income, devise new ways into the market as well as identify drawbacks and inefficiencies in their annual sales plans. Therefore, helping them to eliminate the risk of loss and maximizing the profit. Keeping the importance of the sales plan in the business industry, This Sales Target Template helps you productively develop a sales plan for your company. Specifically built for corporate use, this template can assist you to prepare your sales plan, discuss it with your company’s panel and team and then project the ideas to the salesperson and marketers.

The first slide of the template is divided into two parts that allow you to analyze sales between the male and female parts of your customers. This slide contains several pie charts and text boxes. This slide can also be used by marketers when preparing a report on the target audience of a future advertising campaign. For example, you can specify the potential number of men and women that this ad campaign will target. You can then define in more detail the age, income, and education for each of the groups. Also, this slide can be used by sales managers when comparing the number of female and male employees in the company. The second slide is presented in two tables. You can use these tables to compare the main characteristics of old and new products. The sales manager can use this slide to prepare a sales report for a product in different regions. This slide will also be a project manager who can use it to analyze the work of teams on various projects. The following graph is presented in the form of two diagrams – horizontal and vertical. This slide can be used when comparing sales across key company products or over time. For example, you can show the dynamics of changes in sales by-product, which depends on seasonal demand – mineral water, ice cream, skis, and more. The last slide consists of two blocks. The block on the left side of the screen is presented in the form of infographics, which distributes clients into men and women. The second block makes it possible to present general sales data. You can use this slide to prepare a sales analysis by product for men and women. You can also use this slide to analyze the performance of your marketing channels. For example, you can present data of sales that were made through online purchases on the site, calls to customers, sales in brick-and-mortar stores. The slide can be used by social workers when preparing information about the population living in a particular area.

Consisting of 4 slides, this Sales Target PowerPoint template is very straightforward in its use state of the art in its design. Separate spaces for distinguishing salespersons; male and female, in order to better portray their duties and expected results to deliver. With a unique yellow, blue, brown and white base, the template is completely customizable and offers sufficient space for doddle art, infographics, comparison bar charts, and percentage data. Individual dialogue boxes further add to its effective use in the commercial sector. The Sales Targets template will be useful not only for sales managers but also for marketers, financiers, economists, and investment companies.