Stage Gate Process

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The Stage Gate process model focuses on the innovation process and is also referred to as the waterfall process. It is a project management technique, in which an initiative or project takes place, divided over several stages. The stages technique breaks new product development projects into five phases – scoping, business case creation, development, testing and validation, launch phase. These stages are separated by so-called gates. The decision points for whether or not to proceed to the next stage. This model can be used when developing new products, process changes or improvements.

The first slide is presented as a timeline and contains six main stages. Let’s list these stages – ideation, planning, development, testing, launch, review. Below you can give a brief description of each of these steps. This slide can be used to describe sequential manufacturing processes. For example, when preparing instructions for working with a machine. If any of the previous processes are not done, the next process cannot be started. This slide can also be used by HR managers when describing a possible career for an employee in the company.

The second slide of the State Gate template consists of four main blocks – concept, screening, development, launch. The slide is versatile and can be used in other presentations. For example, this slide can be used when preparing a presentation about a new product launch, preparing a commercial proposal or business plan.

The next slide contains an inverted diagram and the main stages of the Stage Gate process. You can edit the name of the stages and the lines of communication between them. Using communication lines helps the audience to better understand the cause and effect relationships between processes. The slide will be useful when developing complex process diagrams and preparing interactions between different departments of the company. For example, you can display car assembly workflows. This slide can also be used when describing the process of approving a contract by various departments of the company from the head of the initiator to accounting and lawyers.

The last slide is divided into four main blocks, in each of which you can describe in detail the main goal and the actions required to achieve it. The slide can be used by logisticians when preparing a comparative analysis of the delivery of products by different modes of transport. Also, the slide can be used when comparing different sources of project funding.

The State Gate template is designed in soft colors and contains a lot of stylish infographics. You can easily copy and move the blocks you like to your old presentations. All blocks, infographics, fonts can be changed for your current tasks. This template will be useful for financiers and analysts, logisticians and software developers, business analysts, and startups. University professors and business coaches are sure to use this template in their presentations related to economics and data analysis. The Stage Gate template will definitely take its rightful place in your collection.