Agenda for Workshop

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Product details

Periodically, there will be a need for training, workshops, or seminars in an organization. In preparation for these activities and events, you will need to create a draft or plan of what the training is going to look like. This workshop agenda template makes it easy for Human Resource Managers or Personnel Training Officers to create an organized plan and present it to their audiences.

The template starts with the slide showing an overview of the training. It features all the different aspects of the training and details it entails in each. Elements like Agenda, People, Product, Result, preparation, and many more are shown in headings with enough space for inserting the details below. After that, the next slides of the template feature a more detailed and in-depth analysis of the training process. A slide shows the plans for each day, another features schedule for each activity, and the last slide of the template lists out the planned program.

With visually appealing colors and easy to use icons, this workshop agenda template provides an efficient way to communicate the details of the workshop program to any audience. The colors and text characteristics can be changed to suit the demand and requirements of the user. The template’s organized structure also gives a professional feel to the presentation it is used for, despite its simplicity.