Scaled Agile Framework

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Product details

The Scaled Agile Framework is an agile framework developed for development teams. Most importantly, Scaled Agile Framework ’s foundation consists of three metaphorical pillars – Team, Program, and Portfolio. Furthermore, Scaled Agile Framework gives a product team flexibility. Moreover, it helps manage some of the challenges larger organizations have when practicing Agile. The Scaled Agile Framework consists of a broad knowledge base of proven best practices. Likewise, product teams use Scaled Agile Framework to deliver successful software products.

Project management in an organization using Scaled Agile Framework happens at three levels. At the individual team level, it is basically Scrum business as usual.

Small teams have specific goals and areas of responsibility. Therefore, they release iterations after each Sprint. Moreover, a Scrum Master typically leads the charge. The only significant change is that these small teams now roll up into programs.

The program level is where Scaled Agile Framework’s benefits begin shining through. This is where each team’s output must stitch together with everyone else’s into something complementary, cohesive, and consistent.

Under the guidance of a Release Train Engineer, they come together as part of a Agile Release Train. The synchronicity provides the work of a group of individual Scrum teams. After five or so, Sprints, a Potentially Shippable Increment undergoes a complete round of testing. The process represents a departure from more traditional Scrum and Continuous Delivery.

At the highest level, portfolios comprised of multiple programs are defined with longer-term visions spanning multiple quarters or even an entire year. This is where budgeting and epic-level milestones are defined and set, and where strategic planning and project planning intersect.

Scaled Agile Framework is most-popular among enterprise organizations as many of its facets focus on eliminating the common challenges teams face when scaling agile.

In other words, if your company is just beginning to transition to agile, Scaled Agile Framework might be a viable option to bridge that gap because of its more prescriptive approach than, say, Disciplined Agile, which offers more flexibility and customization but also requires an organization fully understand the agile philosophy already.

This template will primarily be useful to IT companies. You can use the slides in this template when preparing how to work with software development teams or creating a plan for using Agile methods in the work of a company.

Team leaders can use this template when preparing for weekly sprints with the development team. You can use this pattern when discussing software with a product owner.

Scaled Agile Framework is a professional and modern template that contains six stylish and fully editable slides. You can change the type and size of the font, color and position of the infographic yourself. This template will be useful for project managers, team leaders and IT companies. Scaled Agile Framework template will complement your old presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.