Proof of Concept IT Project

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Depending on the industry, proof of concept may be different. For example, in software development it speaks to processes with different objects and participant roles.

Proof of concept might sound like a prototype, but there are differences, and each has its own function. The Proof of concept is a sort of small test prior to the project to test the idea. It exists solely to show that a product concept is both functional and can be developed.

Creating prototypes is another important exercise. Creation of prototypes is done to help visualize how a product will function. It’s a working model of the end product. It shows design, navigation, layout, etc. Therefore, a proof of concept shows that a product can be made, and the prototype shows how it’s made.

A proof of concept is a project, and like any project it must be clearly defined. That means breaking down the process into these four steps in order to better manage it – Duration & Effort, Scope of Project, Pick Your Resources, Choose Your Criteria.

Completing work will be on a limited timeline. Usually that timeline is no more than two weeks. Also, you’re going to want to have a team assembled to do the job, but it doesn’t have to be a massive use of resources.

Defining the project scope for your proof of concept is key to getting accurate results. That is, finding a resolution to one problem. If scope expands to look at too many things, you won’t get any of them done.

Who you choose to execute the proof of concept is as important as the process. You want to make sure they have the right skills to do a thorough job.

To have accurate feasibility measurements, you first must have a set of project metrics that have been decided upon. Metrics that collect the project’s most pertinent information, and determine its success or failure.

The proof of concept template for IT projects allows you to present a very clear outline of what your IT project is and what it does.  Proof of concept helps you present your idea/project in the best possible way so as to get the needed approval from stakeholders.

The Proof of concept template contains 4 slides with impressive layout. The first slide contains a table chart for four concepts where you can summarize the key features of each concept. The second and third slides allow the user to give elaborate on the concepts highlighting the time and value of each concept. The user can use the fourth slide to give a snapshot of the concept, the next steps to take and the incomes.

This template will be useful for software development teams and commercial mobile applications. You can use this template when preparing to meet with a customer and discuss application settings, project lead times, and the use of metrics to track project progress. Also, this template will be useful when discussing a project between team members at weekly sprints.

Using this proof of concept template for a presentation doesn’t require graphic skills. It is a turnkey, ready-to-use PowerPoint template. 100% editable and customizable. Colors, texts, and icons can be modified to suit user requirements. This template has all the tools you need to create a professional and stylish presentation.

Beyond IT, this template can be widely used across all industries for presentations to determine the feasibility of a concept or idea. Ideal for startups, entrepreneurs, business owners, strategic planners, business analysts, team leads, etc.