Project Update

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Product details

It is a known fact that everyone involved in a project likes to keep track of the progress they make at every interval while on the project. This renders this project update template a critical and useful template for everyone – including teachers, engineers, scientists, etc. Irrespective of the project you aim to complete, this template is beneficial as it includes features that allow you to track the improvements you make.

This template features four different slides that are well designed with simple colors and graphics, which enhances ease of use and readability. The first slide in this template includes daily goals and deadlines. It provides for adjustments to be made, the most efficient methods employed, and a list of goals to be accomplished within the next week.

Consequently, the second slide is allocated to summarize what the project entails. It is designed to contain the activities you have planned to execute concerning the project for the subsequent week. Furthermore, the project update template details the date you start work on the project, the day you end, and the extent of work you execute during this period.

Finally, this project update template helps you to log: your name, the amount charged for every hour you work, the dates on which you work, and the number of hours and breaks you take, among others. The template can also include the updates made at each interval.