RAID Log Template

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Product details

The RAID Log template is used to give an overview of several project information in one place allowing project managers to track risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies.

RAID LOG focuses on four key areas:

1. Risks – Events that have an adverse impact if they occur
2. Assumption – Things you assume are in place which contributes to the success of the project
3. Issues – Current matters that need to be considered and addressed by the group
4. Dependencies – Other projects or triggers that your project depends on, or are a beneficiary of your project outcomes.

The information in the RAID log template is displayed in the color-coded dashboard and categorized into Risk, Assumption, Issues, and Dependencies. The RAID LOG template is well-designed with modern layouts and infographics for the business presentations. Ideal for team leads, project teams, and managers, audit consultants, etc.

The template is 100% editable and customizable as per your requirements. You can change the color, text, resize icons and shapes to suit your preference. Use this RAID log PowerPoint template to give the best practice for effective project management.