User Story Mapping

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Product details

A key ingredient to Agile software development process is putting people first. User stories put users at the center of the conversation. It is a short, simple description of a product feature from the perspective of the customer who wants to use the new feature. By conducting user story mapping, product managers and production teams can visualize how each task can be accomplished within sprints — ensuring smooth delivery.

For software teams who frequently rely on clear user story mapping, this PowerPoint template is simple, straightforward and easy to digest. Available in five design variations, this map breaks down epics, features and their user stories. This bundle works really well when also used in conjunction with our popular user story template that can be used to drill down into the nitty gritty of specific, bite-sized user stories.

Using color-coded blocks, you can use this template to help distinguish customer wants, how they wish to interact with and use the product. Define your MVP and assign a release to each set of user stories. Customizable and editable according to your unique development processes, think of this user story map as a compass to keep everyone on the right track through development.