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A work plan is an important tool that helps project set tasks, manage workflow, and track the various components and milestones. The work plan is often six to twelve months in length, but it can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the company. Implementing work plans helps formulate strategies for employees in a way that increases team focus and motivation. Examine these key components when developing work plans to make sure you are not overlooking important details. The first thing you need to do is define the goals and objectives. Without clear goals and objectives, team members blindly work on tasks without a goal. The first thing a work plan does is to define the goal of the project and the key objectives that the project will achieve. An analogy would be a soccer team that just runs and kicks the ball with no goal to score a goal on a certain side of the pitch, just a lot of running and kicking without reaching the goal. After goals are set, people are assigned to teams or tasks. The work plan can include various structures that include levels of hierarchy as well as levels of interdependent teams. For example, building a new plant requires a construction team, an administrative team, and a team of engineers. Each team has a leader who works with the other team leaders to keep things moving according to schedule and budget. There may be various other teams under each leader. A construction team may have a bricklayer team, an electrician team, and a heavy engineering team. The next thing you need to do is set a project schedule. The more time it takes to complete a project, the greater the cost of labour and materials. In addition, the longer it takes to complete a project, the greater the loss of opportunity. To set a budget, you need to assign teams and set deadlines. The project budget should break down the cost of each section and each team. Check cost-effectiveness in milestones to determine if the team is on track, over-budget, or over-budget. With goals, timelines, and budgets, the project manager can conduct quality checks. Team leaders must communicate progress, costs, and any challenges or obstacles within the time frame. This helps the project manager formulate a troubleshooting action plan before he turns the project off course, be it budget or deadline.

The work plan template will primarily be useful to the project manager. You will be able to describe in detail each stage of your project, determine the time frame and budget for each stage. Using this template, you can visually provide your team with data on the deadlines for participants at each stage. This template will also be useful for software developers. Marketers can use these slides when building an advertising campaign. Some slides give you the ability to create a work plan for the week. The work plan template will be useful to company executives when preparing a firm’s development strategy.