Current State vs Future State

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The current state identifies the existing process flow, and allows your team to analyze the related data to identify gaps in process and / or wastage which can be streamlined for efficiencies. It provides you with a single current state that acts as an incredibly effective way of managing cross functional problem solving:

– You can highlight areas of customer and internal pain on a single wall, all visible at the same time

– You can build out problem statements and the findings of your root cause analysis in a powerful visual way

– Specific points where you know an improvement needs to be scoped and defined in detail can be added to the relevant points in the current state.

So there you have it – on a single wall you have a way of facilitating a large complex, cross functional group through your traditional improvement process, but in a way that continually reinforces the performance goals of the value stream in relation to customer expectation, flow and cross functional efficiency.

Your improvements will often focus on activity within an upstream function for down-stream benefit, attacking the wait time or inventory between process steps or the ‘hand-shake’ points where different functions are handing work off to each other.

Jot down the current situation of your company’s business and create a roadmap for your company’s future strategies with this current state vs future state PowerPoint template. Current state and future state processes go hand-in-hand when evaluating business processes.

The current state vs future state PowerPoint template is ideal to show the transformation process that can lead to improvement and growth in a business. The current state looks at what is happening now while the future state looks at things to be done to achieve success.

The infographic in the first slide picture the current state and the future state, their statuses and what gap barrier needed to be broken. Show the winning transformation from the current state to future state over a period of time with the infographic in the second slide.

Elaborate the transformation journey with the third and fourth slides. The bus on the bridge and the race scenarios are metaphor of the transformation journey and the milestones to be achieved while on transit from the current state to the future state.

This template will be useful to managers in preparation for the strategic session with the shareholders of the company. You can present in detail your company development plan for several years ahead. For example, you can indicate which sales are planned in the coming years, which sales markets will be involved for the sale of goods.

This pattern will also be useful to startups when preparing for a meeting with investors and business angels. University teachers and business coaches can use this pattern when preparing their courses on strategic planning or setting goals. Team executives can also use this template when preparing for weekly sprints with team members.

Ideal for use by business analysts, strategic planners, business owners, big and small entrepreneurs. Present the current future state analysis to your audiences and help your company’s business grow into the future. This template contains all the necessary tools for building a professional and modern presentation. If necessary, you can independently change the size and color of infographics, location and font type according to your corporate requirements. This template will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.