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There are the sorts of journeys that have set itineraries and destinations – like a cruise, or guided tour, where the traveler is simply along for the ride. And then there are the sorts of journeys that lack a roadmap, or perhaps consist only loosely of destinations and plans. These sorts of journeys can change at any point along the road. They can adapt, and often force the traveler to adapt along with them. It is this second type of journey that many consider to be real travel – travel that changes who you are and how you view the world. Yes, perhaps this second type of travel does open itself up to more opportunities for self-reflection and self-discovery, but, when it comes down to it, a journey – of any sort – can still be considered travel. We travel for various reasons, but I think it’s interesting to note that vacations are often referred to as getaways. We travel to get away from something – be it a bad job, a relationship, a stereotype, or just a nagging sense of wanderlust. But even just a short vacation to the beach or an unfamiliar city can serve as an escape – an escape from work, stress and responsibilities that we are weighed down with at home. We must not forget about the travel plan, no matter what kind it belongs to. Also, a beautifully presented plan or brief information about the trip always attracts us, and we are ready to study the route in more detail.

Travel template consists of four modern and brightly colored slides. The first slide gives you the opportunity to prepare an overview slide of your travel services. You can describe the benefits and main differences of your trip. This slide will primarily be useful to travel companies. The second slide gives you the opportunity to familiarize your client with the services you provide and your awards in this area. Also, this slide will be useful for marketing and advertising companies. For example, you can use this slide to prepare information about participating in contests or competitions in which you received awards. The next slide allows you to create a ranking of your travel tours. You can also provide a short description and price for the tour. The slide will be useful for sales managers and marketers when preparing a comparative analysis of products. You can also use this slide when preparing information about your various service packages. The last slide gives you the opportunity to tell the client about several cities in one area. For example, you can prepare a tour of Tuscany and prepare a photo of Florence, Pisa, Livorno. You can edit all the slides of the template by yourself depending on your needs. Travel agency and excursion companies must have this template.