Problem Solving

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One of the skills that makes you stand out in the work place or school is the ability to solve problems. Preferring solution to a problem or series of problems consists of many processes. All these processes needs to be understood by your audience, if they are to agree with the solution you proffered. This problem solving template remains the best option for that purpose.

This template allows you to present the ideas or process of solving a particular problem in a sequential manner. The first slide in the template shows the focus of the problem and the solution. It allows you to list key points about the problem and how key points in the solution. The second slide is a more compact one. It takes your audience through the four steps involved in drafting a solution plan; Background, Condition, analysis and plan. 

The third slide of the template is a more detailed aspect, allowing you to give details, backed up with data and diagrams to ensure that your audience understands the solution very well. The last slide of the template gives the summary of the problem solving process. It, again, allows to sequential arrangement of the processes involved.

The color and text format used in the problem solving template qualifies it for use in a professional or organized setting. However, students, entrepreneurs and private individuals will also find it easy and effective to use this template in communicating to a target audience.