Website Flowchart

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Product details

A website flowchart (also known as a sitemap) maps out the structure and complexity of any current or future website. A well-structured sitemap or flowchart makes your website easily searchable. Each piece of content should ideally give users accurate search results, based on keywords connected to your web content. Product, UX, and content teams can use flowcharts or sitemaps to understand everything contained in a website, and plan to add or restructure content to improve a website’s user experience.

A website flowchart (or sitemap) can be used as a planning tool to help organize and clarify existing content, and get rid of unnecessary or duplicate content. The flowchart can also help your team identify knowledge gaps for future content. Ideally your users should not be confused when navigating your website or interacting with any of your content. Website flowcharts help you spot areas of friction or dead-end points across user flows.

Website Flowchart is a powerful business tool. No matter what industry you work with; let it be pharmaceutical, manufacturing, development or technology. It can help you generate more sales, bring more traffic to your marketplace and enhance market value. Through its distinctively designed layout and a separate description box for each step included in the development process, this website flowchart template effectively explains your online marketplace’s purpose.

This template will primarily be useful to a website developer. You can use this template to prepare for a meeting with a client and discuss what functionality for future clients. Also, this template can be used by the team in preparation for the weekly sprints with software developers.

HR managers can use the slides in this template to prepare information for new hires. For example, you can prepare the site development process and indicate which department I work on each of the blocks. University professors can use this template to prepare their website building or programming language courses for Front end and Back end developers.

This PowerPoint website flowchart template consists of 6 slides while also being completely customizable. Whether you are opting for a landing page, a services page, homepage or even a contact us page. This website flowchart helps developers understand the inter-linkage of results so that a customer can easily find what he/she is looking for. In short, when one searches for a particular section on the website, it should get immediately delivered. This template remains available for use in all business, academic, health, organizational and management fields where having an online website is a necessity.

If necessary, you can independently edit the template elements in accordance with your corporate requirements. Also, this template will be useful for startup managers when preparing information about the promotion and sale of their product on the online platform.