Hyperion Planning Architecture Diagram

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Product details

Hyperion Planning is the product in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Software Suite which is an industry-leading Business Intelligence software package. The main emphasis of this Hyperion Planning product is to deliver budgeting, planning, and forecasting solutions that support you to achieve and organize all your business planning and budgeting requirements.

It is a complete, web-based product that provides global financial association, broadcasting, and analysis in a single, highly efficient software solution. 

In an application, you must configure at least one plan type. An Essbase database is created for each plan type. You can have up to three plan types for Planning applications, and two for separate modules. You cannot change the name or number of plan types after creating an application.

As you create accounts, entities, and other elements of the application, you associate them with plan types, so the database for each plan type contains only application dimensions, members, and data values relevant to the plan type. This optimizes application design, size, and performance.

The number of plan types depends on the needs of your organization. For example, if the sales department has a yearly revenue plan, and the finance department has a P&L plan, you can define two plan types, Revenue and P&L. Data can be shared between plan types. For example, the Revenue plan may include several sales detail accounts that roll up into a Total Product Sales account. 

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