Capabilities Statement

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How quickly and concisely could you explain what your business does or, more importantly, what you can do for clients? Whether you are looking to win new clients, grow your business by submitting requests for tender or market your business better, a capability statement can help.

A capability statement outlines what you can offer potential clients and provides the essential details to help them decide whether to do business with you. It can also be used to open doors to new suppliers or incorporated into tender documents. Your capability statement could be a couple of paragraphs through to several pages – depending on where and how you plan to use it.

A capability statement can help you – respond to requests to tender, highlight your skills/qualifications/track record to improve your ability to win contracts or attract new clients, showcase your business in a professional manner and stand out from the competition.

One size does not fit all; the information you include will depend on the complexity of your business, your target audience and where you intend to use the statement.

A basic capability statement could include – a company profile, core competencies, who is in your management team and their expertise, details of your major clients or significant pieces of work you have completed, descriptions of your products and services, your contact details.

Thinking about who your audience is and write specifically for them; what do they need to know about you? Using language and terminology appropriate for your target industries. You may need different versions for different audiences. Explaining the features and benefits of your business that will help solve customers’ problems. Use graphics to explain your brand values.

Woo your audience and stand out in a competitive marketplace with a capabilities statement.  A Capabilities statement is a snapshot of your company that serves as a resume for your business. It is a concise overview of qualifications and experience as it tells potential clients who you are, what you do, and how you are distinct from your competitors.

This professional and sleek capabilities statement template allows you to create fast and easy capabilities statement PowerPoint presentation in less time.

The first slide houses a color-coded doughnut with a placeholder text for your company name and allows you to highlight four capabilities of your company.

The presenter can use the dashboard and infographics in the subsequent slides to present key information in key areas.

Highlight core competencies of your company with the fourth slide and keep your audience engages as you put your company in a good spot.

The capabilities statement template for PowerPoint presentation is ideal for marketers to use and create a marketable and promotional statement about your company to the audience.

This template will also be useful for sales managers when preparing a quotation for clients. You can also use the slides in this template when discussing your sales plan and identifying your strengths with your sales team. Marketers can also use this template when preparing their marketing strategy. Startups can use this template when preparing to meet with business angels or potential investors.

The template is 100% editable and customizable. Text, colors and icons can be modified to suit your preference. This template has all the tools you need to design a professional presentation. You can use the slides in this template to update your old presentations. This template will take its rightful place in your collection of professional presentations.