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Every company is full of processes and for its activities to flow effectively, it is necessary to understand the interrelationship between them, identifying possible gaps in the internal structure. There are several tools that assist in process management, such as the Turtle Diagram. Although its use is easy and extremely important, there are still few organizations that choose to use it.

The Turtle Diagram is a visual tool that can be used to describe all elements of any process within an organization in a very precise and detailed way. It should bring all aspects including inputs, outputs, and criteria metrics among other information that may be relevant and assist in improving organizational processes.

The diagram identifies who owns the process and demonstrates their roles and responsibilities. It can also be used to identify all applicable clauses of the relevant standards and detail legal requirements applicable to that process. Therefore, the diagram is not required in the standard, but it assists in the administration and management of processes. By using it, it is possible to meet the requirements mentioned above, determining and managing several linked processes.

Understanding and managing processes that are related as a system helps the organization achieve effectiveness and efficiency in the intended outcomes. So that the overall performance of the organization can be high, the per-process approach allows organizations to control the interrelationships and interdependence between system processes.

A turtle diagram is the perfect tool for visualizing the characteristics of a process. The diagram itself looks like the body of a turtle, with each process component as the body, legs, head and tail. Processes are made of inputs, outputs and other important criteria. The visual tool can be used to detail all of the elements of any given process within an organization. This template is ideal for project managers, process improvement teams, planners and team leads.

Turtle Diagram Template can be used by company executives when preparing their company development strategy. You can visualize your strategies and identify key funding sources, production capacity, and expected profits. Also, this template will be useful for project managers and team leaders. Startup executives can use this template when discussing their product with potential investors. Advertisers can use this template when discussing a product promotion strategy or advertising campaign. HR managers can use the slides in this template to prepare company structure information for new hires.

The template takes a fun, unique illustrative approach. Each slide presents a graphic of a turtle with each part of the body representing a different aspect of the process: the who, the what, the how, outputs, inputs and results. The slides also include complementary line graphics, bar charts, pie charts, and infographic layouts. You can present data and text descriptions alongside the turtle diagram. This template is best for communicating change management, process improvements and audits. You can independently change the location, size and color of the template elements. This template will organically complement your old presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentation templates.