Email Journey Mapping

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Email journey is another way to say customer journey. The concept of a customer journey is that your leads can be gradually and continuously nurtured with targeted emails that are sent whenever they set off specific triggers.

For example, the customer journey typically starts with the initial email. Whether it is a letter of inquiry from a customer or the first promotional email sent to a lead, the journey begins here.

Then, these subscribers receive the next emails in the journey after a certain amount of time has passed or they hit another established trigger.

Email journeys are, essentially, a part of customer journeys. An email journey is an automated process that’s designed to handle the onboarding of new customers, as well as keeping these customers engaged.

Keep in mind that email journeys are based on the activation of certain triggers. These triggers can range from specific dates, like holidays, or subscriber activity. The concept allows you to send content out at the right time.

Breaking down the customer journey phase by phase, aligning each step with a goal, and restructuring your touchpoints accordingly are essential steps towards maximizing customer success. After all, everything you do should be about solving customer problems and helping them achieve long-term success with your product or service.

Rather than trying to discover your customers through outbound marketing, you can have your customers discover you with the help of inbound marketing. By mapping out the customer journey, you can understand what is interesting and helpful to your customers about your company and website, and what is turning them away. You can create the kind of content that will attract them to your company and keep them there.

Once you fully understand your customer’s experience with your business, you can delight them at every stage in their buying journey. There are many factors that can affect this journey including customer pain points, emotions, and your company’s touchpoints and processes.

Email journey map is the most effective way to visualize this information, whether you are optimizing your journey for the customer or exploring a new business opportunity to serve a customer’s unrecognized needs. Use the free templates in this article to start mapping the future of customer success in your business.

This template will be helpful for marketers when preparing a strategy for bringing a new product to market. You can describe in detail part of your strategy for creating promotional emails to customers.

Also, this template can be used by specialists in social networks and advertising through email. Startup executives can use this template when preparing a product marketing strategy for potential investors.

Email Journey Mapping is a professional and modern template that contains five stylish and fully editable slides. You can change the type and size of the font, color and position of the infographic yourself. This template will be useful for marketers, sales managers and startups. Email Journey Mapping template will complement your old presentations and will be a worthy addition to your collection of professional presentations.