Modern Venn Diagram

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4 Slides
File size: 16:9
Fonts: Lato, Calibri
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PPT 2010, PPT 2013, PPT 2016

Product details

A Modern Venn diagram template is a simple and basic template used to delineate unique and shared attributes of different sets of choices under consideration. The template utilized the concept of similarities and differences to put forth an easily understandable illustration. The use of Modern Venn diagram in presentations enhances the interest, attention and engagement of audience which would produce desired outcomes. 

Modern Venn diagram template provides assistance to presentations before decision makers. The template can be utilized by risk management team to portray risk and return of more than one investment proposals in a presentation. Also a research and development team can depict the demographics of an area before the launch of a new product there. 

Applicable in all fields, Modern Venn diagram can be proved very beneficial for comparison of more than two sets of proposals. Four unique and basic slides constitute this template which is 100% editable with respect to shape, color, text and sizes. Using Modern Venn diagram illustration makes the presentation turn out to be successful. The creative depiction of comparisons would keep the audience engaged. This template is perfect because it aids putting complex scenarios into simple depiction which can easily be grabbed.