Triangular Venn Diagram

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Product details

This triangular Venn diagram concept is the best fit for a presentation related to your online business. Consisting of four uniquely developed triangular designs, and slides with ambient colors, this PowerPoint slide can be used as a sales and marketing tool to drive business revenues. With three sections representing three different stages of a particular process, their overlapping forms/gives the main region of interest in the form of a Venn diagram. The middle area of those stages is a great region to highlight the purpose of your presentation. When it comes to business growth and difficult decisions or when you want to show a development process with the core concept and its outcome.

This template of a triangular Venn diagram is easily editable so that you can easily utilize it according to your need. Specifically designed for business purposes, the template can also be used in academic purposes. The three triangles represent are a metaphor for three simple procedures. Market research and documentation, Market Analysis and Results, and Supervision. Their overlapping shows their inter-relation ultimately forming the fourth Venn diagram, a rocket sign, that is the main region of interest i.e. business growth, sales boost or progress.