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A lesson plan is a teacher’s daily guide for what students need to learn, how it will be taught, and how learning will be measured. Lesson plans help teachers be more effective in the classroom by providing a detailed outline to follow each class period. This ensures every bit of class time is spent teaching new concepts and having meaningful discussions. The most effective lesson plans have six key parts – lesson objectives, related requirements, lesson materials, lesson procedure, assessment method, and lesson reflection. Pre-planning helps the teacher to be better equipped in answering questions asked by the students during the lecture. An organized teacher will always be able to deliver the lesson within the given time frame. By sending a preliminary lesson plan to the students, the teacher enables the students to work through the questions about the upcoming lesson. This will facilitate the active involvement of students in the learning process.

Lesson Plan Template offers a complete set of tools for planning the learning process for teachers, coaches, and company employees who train young professionals. The template consists of four slides that complement each other organically. The first slide provides information on lesson duration, audience, lesson content, learning objectives, and grading system. This slide can be used when describing KPIs for company employees. The second slide is the lesson schedule. Students and pupils can use it to schedule lessons. Also, teachers can use it when scheduling their timetables for different classes or students of different specialties. The slide can be used to compose appointments with clients. An example of great infographics is the next slide. The slide contains four items, each with a bulleted list. The slide perfectly structures the data that will be useful to anyone involved in training or conducting training. The slide can be used as a short description of the course so that potential listeners can familiarize themselves with the content of the training. You can also display a plan for a meeting with employees or a plan for a meeting with a client. The last slide is divided into three blocks – topics, learning outcomes, assessment. The infographic on the right side of the slide shows the relationship between these blocks. This slide can be useful for sharing experiences between teachers or coaches.

The template will be useful to everyone involved in training. Creating a lesson plan makes the presenter feel confident. The combination of different colors allows these slides to be used in conjunction with our other templates. You can independently change the parameters of the slide so that this one does not stand out from the rest of the slides in your presentation. The template can be used in their work by specialists in the planning department, as well as executive assistants to schedule meetings with their bosses. Anyone who has a plan of action will be more effective at doing their job. The Lesson Plan Template helps you highlight the main objectives of your presentation and visually present your plan to the audience.