Customer Journey Map Template

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A customer journey map is a visual representation of the customer journey also called the buyer journey or user journey. It helps you tell the story of your customers’ experiences with your brand across all touchpoints. Whether your customers interact with you via social media, email, live chat or other channels, mapping the customer journey out visually helps ensure no customer slips through cracks.

This process also helps B2B business leaders gain insights into common customer pain points which in turn will allow them to better optimise and personalise the customer experience. Customer journey mapping is the process of creating a customer journey map, a visual story of your customers’ interactions with your brand. It allows you to gain insights into common customer pain points and how to improve those.

Firstly, all the possible customer touchpoints are mapped out, for instance, a website, social channels, interactions with marketing and sales teams. User journeys are then created across these various touchpoints for each buyer persona. For example, a millennial buyer persona may typically become aware of a product on social, research it on the mobile version of your site, and finally make a purchase on a desktop computer. The customer experience at each touchpoint should be included in a customer journey map. This can include what action the customer needs to take and how your brand responds.

Customer journey mapping is important, because it is a strategic approach to better understanding customer expectations and is crucial for optimising the customer experience. Customer journey mapping is just as important for small and medium-sized enterprises as it is for larger companies. Customer expectations are changing for all businesses, regardless of size – customers demand an omnichannel approach to customer service, marketing and sales.

Create better experiences and retain more customers with this premium customer journey map template. Our illustrative customer journey map shows how real people connect with your business processes. It also shows why customers leave your business. By seeing the value of your business through the customer’s eyes, you can unlock new perspectives and understanding of how to grow loyalty and retention.

This template will be primarily useful for marketing professionals and sales managers. For example, you can use the slides in this template to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy to promote your product to a new market. Startup executives can use this template to prepare information about their ideal customers and calculate the expected profit and return on investment. University teachers and business coaches can use the slides from this template to prepare their marketing courses.

This PowerPoint template takes you through the full customer journey through. The template is colorful, vibrant, and has several layouts to present both qualitative and quantitative data. It provides a timeline view, bar chart, line graph and traditional table format. Each slide includes layouts for text descriptions, data visualization, iconography and graphics for customer personas. Demonstrate your customer journey map with confidence when presenting to senior management, executives and internal stakeholders. If necessary, you can independently edit the infographic color, font size and block arrangement according to your corporate requirements. This template will be a great addition to your professional presentation collection.