Six Sigma Template

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After going through the arduous task of analyzing that business process and identifying six sigma as the best improvement approach; the next best thing to do is present it effectively. If that is your worry, then worry no more. What you have here is the perfect presentation template for presenting your business improvement approach to top management and other business executives.

This presentation template provides an outline of the processes involved in the Six Sigma process. The first slide opens with the enumeration of the six processes; including Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Improve and Verify. The next slide lists each of the processes with brief explanations of what each process entails. Subsequent slides then show the harmonization of the process, how each process flows and links to the other for the success of the process.

Designed with appropriate symbols and diagrams, the presentation template does most of the talk for you, and your audience will definitely understand you better with the use of this template. You can also alter the colours and text of the template to suit your purposes. Presented in bright colors and well-organized structure, the slides are ideal for use in a business organization seeking to utilize the Six Sigma process to improve their practices