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The depiction of ancient columns is a generally accepted illustration and is often used to represent the foundation elements that hold a building. Columns can often be seen that have remained from the days of ancient Greece. The main building has already sunk into oblivion, and the columns have all remained to our times and remind us of the former greatness.

Use this visual metaphor to show the core business strategy values ​​that the company is based on. For example, you might use columns to describe a typical corporate strategy that includes the five pillars of business excellence: customer focus, the solution proposed, a column representing people within the company, monetization model, and operation component.

These five pillars are grounded in core values ​​and a pillar of the company’s vision. You can also use columns in your presentations to identify the top priorities for the company’s future development. Using column infographics will immediately grab your audience’s attention and make your presentation memorable.

Our premium pillars template consists of four eye-catching slides that are designed in a vibrant color scheme. The first slide of this template provides you with an opportunity to highlight the core competencies for a department head in your company. You can describe up to four core competencies. This slide will be useful for HR managers. The next slide gives you the opportunity to describe the main stages of the development of your project. This slide may be useful for project managers and team leaders. Also, this slide can be used by advertising specialists when preparing a plan for promoting a product through various marketing channels. The next slide can be used by company leaders to describe the mission and vision of the company.

This template will also be useful for legal professionals when preparing a summary of new legislative changes. Historical museum staff can use the infographics of the columns when preparing materials about ancient Greece. Department leaders can use this template when preparing weekly tasks for their subordinates and prioritizing their execution.

All slides in this template are editable. If necessary, you can change the size and color of the columns according to your requirements. Business coaches and university professors can also use this template when preparing their leadership courses or developing company strategy.

This template can be used by construction companies when preparing information for potential buyers of luxury homes or apartments. Startups can use this template when preparing to meet with potential investors. You can specify the main stages of generating income for your company. Even occupational safety managers can use this template when preparing workplace codes of conduct or handling hazardous goods or chemicals.

Our pillars template will organically complement your old presentations and will take its rightful place in your collection of professional presentations.